Portland Work-Related Back Injury Attorney

Back injuries can occur at any time, to workers in any occupation. If you suffered a back injury at work, you have the right to pursue a workers' compensation claim. I am workers' compensation attorney John M. Hoadley, and I have represented injured workers for the past 18 years. At my office in Beaverton, Oregon, every worker counts.

The most common back injuries that lead to workers' comp claims are strains, sprains and herniated discs, which are also interchangeably referred to by physicians as "bulging" or "extruded" discs. Herniated discs are serious injuries, and they mean more exposure for the insurance carrier.

Insurance carriers often play a game I like to call "hide the condition." The insurance company may accept a condition that is less serious than the one you actually have. For example, if you have a herniated disc, the insurance company may accept a claim for a back strain. They do this in an attempt to make you believe that you are fully covered, when in fact you are only covered for a less serious injury.

I can obtain your file and review it - and keep the insurance company from playing "hide the condition" with your injury.

Experienced Beaverton Work Injury Lawyer

As a work injury attorney, I have been on all three sides. With experience both as an insurance defense lawyer and law clerk at the Workers' Compensation Board, I understand the types of strategies that insurance companies employ, and I know what members of the Workers' Compensation Board look for when considering workers' comp cases.

I empower my clients to make their own decisions as to the best way to pursue their cases. I will support you whether you choose to settle or fight in court.

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When you contact my Portland-area office, you will speak directly with me - not a paralegal or a secretary. If you have experienced a work-related back injury but aren't sure whether or not your injury will be covered, give me a call. I take workers' comp cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no fee for you unless your case is settled or won. Contact me at 503-446-4025.