Help After A Workplace Injury

Accidents can happen in any kind of workplace and can lead to devastating injury. The Oregon workers' compensation system is designed to help injured workers cope with the aftermath of a workplace accident by providing them with benefits that pay for medical expenses, rehabilitative costs and lost wages.

Unfortunately, the system for making and receiving your benefits is not easy. It is full of technical requirements, deadlines and other roadblocks. Typically, your claim will go through your employer's insurance company, but insurers are adept at finding ways to deny workers the full amount of benefits they deserve. It can be crucial to have help from a workers' compensation attorney.

A skilled workers' compensation lawyer can help you at any stage in the process, from filing an initial claim, to appeals, if necessary. Get answers by sending your questions today.

Clearing The Roadblocks

Accurate Work Comp, PC, is a Beaverton law firm that helps people throughout the Portland area at every step in the workers' compensation process. We help injured Oregonians and their families with many issues, including:

When you hear "no" too many times, get the run around or cannot get a clear answer, bring on legal assistance. As a workers' compensation attorney with more than 25 years of insurance experience on both sides, I know the tactics used by insurers. I can help you clear the roadblocks to get the benefits to which you are entitled.

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